About Us

The team behind Valuecruncher combines deep corporate finance and software development expertise. The team came together with the aim of making the corporate finance methodologies used to value listed companies by market professionals available to a wider audience.

Valuecruncher uses a discounted cash flow model and populates the model’s assumptions with a combination of consensus analyst projections and Valuecruncher generated information to provide a starting point for users to complete valuations of listed companies. Users of the Valuecruncher service can adjust the base Valuecruncher valuation or any valuation created by another user for their own personal perspective on a particular company. The base Valuecruncher valuation is not intended to be a definitive valuation of a particular company – it is the starting point for a user to create their own valuation of the company.

Valuecruncher allows users to explore, create and share public company valuations.

The founding Valuecruncher team came together in late-2007 and the company is based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Founding Team

Jeremy Boyd

Jeremy is an experienced solutions architect, developer and consultant. He is a founder of Mindscape – a software products company that also provides high end IT consultancy services. Since 2003, Jeremy has played a key role within the New Zealand Microsoft development community, helping develop and grow the role of community reach, and later taking on the role of Microsoft Regional Director which he currently is active in.

Mark Clare

Mark is an investment banker that has worked for a range of international and boutique investment banks in Europe, North America and Australasia.

Andrew Peters

Andrew is a software developer and founder of Mindscape. Andrew is a passionate member of the open source community and has contributed to both the Castle and Ruby on Rails projects.

Rowan Simpson

Rowan is an experienced software developer, business person and investor. In 1999 Rowan built and launched flathunt.co.nz. This business was later acquired by Trade Me. In 2006 Trade Me was itself acquired for NZ$750 million, by Fairfax, a publicly listed Australian media company.

Sam Stewart

Sam is an investment banker. Most recently he has been an Associate Director at boutique investment bank Clare Capital. Sam has a strong corporate finance and quantitative background.

John-Daniel Trask

John-Daniel is an experienced software developer and founder of Mindscape. In 2006 John-Daniel won ".Net Blog of the Year" for his personal blog and in 2008 was awarded a Microsoft MVP award for his experience with ASP.Net.